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ALUMNI CAP (Career Achievement Plaques) is a non-profit organization that executes a variety of programs to help the youth in several communities coming from various financial backgrounds.  Those programs include youth sports camps, skills & speed training camps & daily sessions.  These programs are executed in order to maximize kids skills & talents in athletics & give them the best opportunity to be successful in little league sports to the peak levels of high school sports & beyond.  Our mission is to give the youth & their parents the tools & knowledge to be able to optimize their son's & daughters talents so that they can be recognized & recruited for their desired sports at colleges around the country if they so choose to go to the next level of athletics.


Alumni CAP is also an extremely knowledgeable resource for consulting & executing packages for athletes, their guardians & their coaches by attaining the desired information on the athlete that college recruiters & coaches are looking for & delivering it to them in a first class manner with a multitude of contacts collegiately & professionally.  Alumni CAP has some of the best former & current college & pro athletes & coaches in the region for training & consultation.  These individuals have achieved the highest levels of success in high school, college & pro athletics.  See the various program events & packages that are offered for your child & where to register. 


 Alumni Cap also produces Alumni CAPs (Career Achievement Plaques) for men's and women’s high school sports, collegiate sports & beyond.  The CAPs (Career Achievement Plaques) are made in order to honor former athletes, coaches, trainers and other athletic department staff.  The CAP is a living memorial for what individuals have accomplished while attending their schools with athletics & academics.  The plaques honor Alumni after their careers are over.  It is their collegiate athletic & academic resumes on a plaque. They are produced in a manner that displays their accolades in a way that is second to none. 


With these programs & products, Alumni CAP gives back to both young & old athletes, coaches & athletic personnel in our communities.  The Alumni CAP organization is a tremendous resource & benefit for all ages.

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